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Friday, October 5, 2012

What we did on my sons birthday: The next FTF post is up!

My next post is up at Family Tree, and you can read it here.

To say that we had an exciting birthday trip is an understatement.  2 hours of “Are we there yet?” from the back seat plus the bouncing in said seats as we crossed into Maryland would never have given it away.  No… never. 

Of course the funniest thing was when we asked the boys if they recognized the narrator’s voice on the movie.  One said Mufasa (from Lion King) and the other said Darth Vader.  Oh my!  Can you guess their ages?  It was a very well done movie and my oldest sat in rapt attention.  It was great because as we took the tour he would retell parts of the movie to us, and then supplement it with things he had read. 

On the battlefield there is a family cemetery next to the Mumma farm, which, for you history buffs out there, was the only farm to have been burned that day.  It was a quiet little place with very old and new headstones.  I have a thing for cemeteries (I know which of you don’t?) and I just had to see it.  Good thing my husband thinks it is interesting looking around them too.  There were some very beautiful ones, including one that had a weeping willow on it.

There were several other major stops we made that day.  The Observation tower was a wonderful place to look out over the battlefield.  It was very tall, and steep, but well worth the trip up.  You could see a majority of the battlefield from there, which really gives you a scope of how it all played out.  I also loved the Burnside Bridge.  It was a hike to get to it, but it was so amazing to stand there and just hear nature around you.  We also took a stroll through the National Cemetery in Sharpsburg.  Those are always amazing places, and they always take my breath away.

Below are a few of the pictures I took.  Hope you enjoy them!
Top of the Maryland Memorial
Top of the NY Memorial

Dunker Church

Indiana Memorial

The Bloody Cornfield

Burnside Bridge and the
Witness Tree

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