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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Week 41 of Abundant Genealogy

Week 41: Past Genealogy Resources. Nothing good lasts forever and that is definitely true in family history. Think of all the genealogy tools, magazines or websites that no longer exist. Which one stands out in your mind and why? Are there still archives of this tool that can be accessed by the public? Share any information you may have.

Well, this post is where you all realize that I have not done this obsession very long. Nothing I have used in the last 2 years has gone by the wayside. Okay, I will take that back. I really loved, LOVED, the Geneabloggers Radio. It is no longer published but the information in it is still relevant. I particularly recommend the episode on Land Bounty Records.

To be honest, I will be reading the other posts more closely on this thread so that I can learn what these old tools were. Of course, you should feel free to comment here as well. I would love to hear about magazines and tools that were of great use that are no longer published. Maybe I can find an archive of them online and read the back copies too!
photo credit: yewenyi via photopin cc

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