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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lookie at that: a mention on Genealogy Gems Podcast

In the spring of 2011 my good friend Elizabeth turned me on to a podcaster, genealogist, lecturer, and author by the name of Lisa Louise Cooke.  She is the host of Genealogy Gems, and it is a true gem for anyone interested in family history research.

She is the reason I am sitting here writing to you today.  Lisa encourages all her listeners to write and publish their own family history blogs.  Getting your information out there is the best way to connect with others who are also searching for those same ancestors.  Collaboration is one of the fantastic things that genealogists love to do.  The connections I have made prove that, and I can’t believe it took me so long to take that plunge and meet all of you.  Last December I wrote to her telling her about how she was a driving force in doing this.

Her latest podcast came out this week, and imagine my stunned surprise when I heard my name on it.  Her last segment of the show is about listeners who have taken the plunge and written their own blogs.  At one point she calls me the “poster child for genealogists and why we should blog.”  Wow.  I mean… really wow.  I was standing in my living room folding clothes when I heard that and my jaw fell open.  After I regained my senses I was more than honored that she used my letter on her show.

You can listen to her podcasts though iTunes or her website.  Also Check out Lisa’s other podcasts, Family History: Genealogy Made Easy, and Family Tree MagazinePodcast.

photo credit: Colleen AF Venable via photopin cc


  1. What a great compliment, Shannon! Very encouraging to be called a "poster child," and congratulations! I also am a self-taught family historian, and went about the whole enterprise backward: I wrote our extended family memoir first, and now I'm trying to backtrack and pick up some genealogical smarts that I didn't really have during my research . . . and so my blog is a "book blog." (Writing scares me less than research, I guess.)

    But I am really enjoying visiting your blogs, and now I'm on to read the next one about heraldry.

  2. Yeah, it really took me by surprise.

    It so funny, research is less scary than writing for me! I can spend all day every day in musty, dusty, archives but get cold and clammy hands when I have to sit down to type it all up.