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Friday, October 26, 2012

Editing, my nemesis, we meet again....

This morning I was reading through blogs on my Google Reader account and saw the latest post from The Armchair Genealogist.  Titled “8 Tips and A tool for Self-Editing Your Family History Blog” she really hits it on the head with this one.  If you are a writer, part time blogger, or general researcher, go check it out. 

I have been known to rush through a post here and there.  The excitement of sharing my find, pushing it on out there, just gets me all in a tizzy.  Sometimes I only read it through once before I hit publish.  Then I cringe when a week later I notice a grammatical or spelling error.  Jeesh, what people must think about it!  Luckily, no one has ever written me a nasty comment about my lack of grammar and spelling skills.

In the future I am going to try and follow her tips listed.  It may drag out the process a bit longer, but that will be a good thing if I can get into a good rhythm of writing, editing, and posting.  I even went out to iTunes this morning and picked up the book she suggested.  The Little Red Writing Book looks like it may come in handy.
photo credit: S1ON via photopin cc

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