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Thursday, September 20, 2012

My turn on the DNA testing path

I am sure many of you have seen the multiple posts from various bloggers who are doing the AncetryDNA testing.  Well… add one more.  When the special offer came across my computer I couldn’t pass it up.  This time I am doing the test myself.  Maybe next time I will get my husband to do one.

It was a different set-up than the FTDNA test my dad did.  With his it was a cheek swap.  This was a spit test.  The scientist in my is wondering why and I will need to go do some reading up on why one vs. the other.  In school we did the cheek swap when we learned how to analyze DNA and I remember how much getting a good scrape was stressed so that you would collect enough DNA to replicate and analyze.  I wonder if the spit test is supposed to gather more DNA. 

Well, 8 weeks give or take and I can report back to you all how much of an American mongrel I am.  Wonder if grandma’s story of Native American blood with show up.  Should be interesting nonetheless.

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