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Friday, August 31, 2012

Week 35 of Abundant Genealogy

Week 35: Genealogy Friends. Genealogy friends are wonderful people. Don’t you agree? Tell us about a genealogy friend in your life. How did you meet? Do you share any common ancestors or research interests?

[Two girls talking]I feel like a school kid writing this.  You know BFF's and all that.  However, those feelings aside, I have a very close and dear friend who lives just an hour from here that I call and email with all my genealogy stuff.  Besides, it is all her fault I am into this like I am.  She has set the example to me, got me started, talk through problems, loaned me books, and so much more.

She was one of the very first people I met when we moved to this area.  We have kids about the same ages, who seem to get along with one another.  That and we share a lot of the same hobbies and interests.  Our friendship just kept blooming!

As of right now, she and I don't have any ancestors in common.  However, she and my husband do have some colonial New England links.  This I find highly entertaining.  We are both very intrigued by genetic genealogy and have talked for many hours over the phone about the findings we have each had through testing. 

Thanks Elizabeth!

Image from the Library of Congress

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