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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week 31 of Abundant Genealogy

Week 31: Cousins. One of the best experiences in family history is meeting with new cousins found through your research. Tell us about your favorite cousin meet-up. How did you discover each other? Where did you meet? What type of information was exchanged and how did it benefit your research?

This past year has been an amazing whirlwind of cousins, not only on my side of the family but my husband's too.  They have been helpful, fun, informative, and very excited to make another familial connection! 

All of my connections have been online, none in person, yet.  They live all over the country, but, alas, no one from a far off destination... yet.  To pick just one encounter is proving very difficult.  Why must I pick just one?!  How about my very first new-to-me cousin meeting?

She has been a helpful link, and working partner, on my Combs family line.  We have the same 2nd great-grandfather, which means we are working our way back past the same roadblocks.  She found me on right after I put up my very first tree.  There are very few trees out there who have our Combs family ancestors, and she took a chance in contacting me.  I have loved receiving the family pictures she has sent me, and I could hear the excitement in the typing when I sent her NARA records.

Each new cousin encounter makes me giddy all over again.  Here is another person I have a connection with... how are we going to help each other?!

Image from the Library of Congress

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