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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Productive week climbing the tree

After extending the vacation a few days after summer camp, we are back home. Unpacking occurred and the laundry is in the machine. Whew, good to be home.

However, I did some family history research while I was down there. Just couldn't help myself. I mean heck, I was in Jamestown where Stephen Hopkins was. How could I not do some poking around for myself and learn what happened with the Sea Venture and its crew. I have to say there is a lot of conflicting information out there, but I think I have come to some conclusions on what type of man he was as well as the story of what happened.

I was also pointed, by a good friend, in the direction of a very good genealogy and local history library in Norfolk, Virginia. It is the Sargeant Memorial Collection located at the Mary D Pretlow Anchor Branch of the Norfolk Public Library. The staff was very helpful, kind, and they were very patient with all my questions. I thought I was just going to go in there and do some more research on Mr. Hopkins. However, much to my surprise and delight there was so much more!

They had county indexes and histories for all of Virginia as well as portions of North Carolina.

Yep, that included Surry County. I had only three hours there but I photocopied nearly 100 pages of records on several family lines.  There is a bit of reading ahead of me, and then entering it all into the computer.

As I uncover details I will be posting the findings here.  Keep an eye out!

*Image by me taken from the bow of the Susan Constant replica overlooking the replicas of the Discovery and the Godspeed. Jamestown Settlement, Jamestown, Virginia.

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