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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Part 2 of Genetic Geneaolgy Post

Part 2 is up today, and you can read it here.

I wanted to go through what all the letters and numbers mean on the tests to make sure people understood what they were looking at if they ever went through this.  There are a lot more letters, numbers, and jargon that goes into the testing process, but I am not quite ready to jump into all that yet.  Particularly if I don't have to right now.  Easing into the pool one toe at a time so to speak.

The archives that I have fond online have been very helpful, but I have not broken down any walls yet.  This will end with me making a trek to Surry County eventually.  Visiting the archives where I can see the records and not just the on-line index appears to be the next course of action.

Currently I am finishing up the post for next week.  I have the rest of the data finally and I am crunching the numbers.  No give aways, but you'll want to tune in to see if I have a match or not!

*Image of precipitated DNA from wikicommons: Deutsch: DNA im Naturkundemuseum in Berlin

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