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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Letters, letters, everywhere! Next FTF post is up

My next post for Family Tree Firsts is up. You can read all about my feelings on reading dozens of letters here.

I hope that you all have been enjoying the transcriptions of these paper time capsules.  Right now I have done all the easy ones.  You know ones that were typed or had nice penmanship.  Now I am onto the ones where I need a second (or third) opinion on over half the words.  Jeesh.. I thought my husband's handwriting was bad!

In the post I asked what you all thought our written legacy to our kids and grandkids would be.  Any thoughts?  Technology is morphing our day to day activity in ways we could never have dreamed even ten years ago.  In this digital world goodness know how we will pass on our current day electronic letters to future generations.

Image from the Library of Congress: Old Post Office, Washington, D.C.

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