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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Letter from Philip H. Greeley 1937

Maude about 18 years old
Letter from Philip H. Greeley MD
to Frances Maude Greeley Crabb
Owned by my mother-in-law

December 13, 1937

Dear Niece,

A little late to be thanking you for the picture you sent me of yourself nearly a year ago.  The fact is it came while I was in Florida and did not happen to be forwarded.  I have just gotten my eye on it.  Your Aunt Nina wrote me about it and that you were very fine looking and that she had send the picture to me.  Your smile is like you mother’s.   I think you must a much lighter complexion than she had.  She was quite dark with large features and as you may realize from her picture was a beautiful woman.  I was about seven years old when she came into our family.  She always had interesting gifts for my sister and I when she came to the house and knew how to interest children.  I expect you may know all this but I am just going on as I have started for a bit.  She was a graduate of Farmington (ME) Normal School, Teachers College you call it in the west I expect, and was a very successful teacher.  Farmington ME is a small town in the western far of ME in the foot hills of the white mountains of NH.  I have often thought how much your mother must have enjoyed the beautiful scenery in and around this old ME town.  I was through there about four years ago in October, had supper there a little before dark.  All the buildings looked clean and well cared for with certain dignity is apt to go well with a NE college town. Building mostly white if not brick well kept lawns and scrubbery.  When I was between the ages of 6 and 10 I used to go to your grandfather Bartlett’s and have a first rate time on the farm with him.  He was always very kind to me and if I annoyed him he not let on to me but what I was a great help.  He had a big newfound dog that I was very found of playing in his company in the fields.  Your grandfather has a wide orchard too that attracted my attention.  He had a great variety of apples that I have never seen elsewhere.  The Bartlett family were a strong NE race that were English stock and among the early settlers.  One was once governor of NH many of the them have information [unknown] like chaplain Bartlett of the Pearry polar expedition.  I have in my pocket a snap shot of son Henry a boy who was working for me and myself taken on the sidewalk in Hot Springs Ark. Two years ago.  I hope you will not feel offended to receive shuch a picture of two, hatless and discheveld relatives.  The only neat looking one being the cork.  With best wishes to you and your family for a metty xmas and happy new year.


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