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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Week 11 of Abundant Genealogy

Week 11 – Technology: Technology makes it possible for genealogy classroom learning to come to you. Webinars are now hosted by many instructors on a variety of family history subjects. Share with us a webinar or series of webinars that you appreciate 

I have only taken a handful of webinars, all from Family Tree University.  Even before I became their Family Tree Firsts blogger I enjoyed their state series of webinars.  Each one taught me something, and I have never been disappointed.  They are easy to use, packed full of information, and presented by members of the genealogy community who are top in their field.

Recently I have begun to view a lot of the online presentations dealing with the 1940 US census.  Everyone is gearing up for the release on April 2nd and I don’t want to be left out.  What an exciting time! 

Don’t forget to check out GeneaWebinars hosted my Dear Myrtle!

*Image: selva via photopin cc

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