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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Next Post from Family Tree

My latest post from Family Tree Firsts is up.  You can read it here.

Frustration at times is natural in genealogy research.  Or at least that is what I have been told.  There are a handful of my relatives that I know are just messing with me from beyond the grave.  Periodically giving me clues before retreating back in oblivion.  Patience, time, and meticulous notes will be my keys to getting the last laugh!

After re-reading the article I have noticed one error that I made.  In paragraph three where I refer to my maternal grandmother's family, it should be my father's maternal grandmother.  It seems I and my proof reader missed that one.  Shame on us.

*Image Library of Congress: New York - Welcome to the land of freedom - An ocean steamer passing the Statue of Liberty: Scene on the steerage deck

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