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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So many blogs, so little time

I have fallen in love.  Completely, and totally, head over heels, with Google Reader.  Why did it take me so LONG to find this thing and use it.  Oh I know… I am afraid of change and sometimes technology scares me.  This is why I married a tech savvy man with a CS degree.

In the past I have read a few blogs, very sporadically.  This usually happened when a friend would post a link on Facebook, or to an email list.  I would casually wander on over and check it out, but never stick around past one or two posts.  It was like I was having casual flings with various blogs, but never intrigued enough to settle down. 

Then I heard, over and over again, how I should create a blog for my genealogy research.  What?!  Me?! I know nothing about that stuff, how am I going to figure it all out?  Well 3 months of investigation and I was sold.  What sold me you ask?  Reading other people’s blogs of course.

This leads me to why I am madly in love with Google Reader.  Instead of going to each one individually, and having to remember how to get there, I just subscribe using my reader.  Anytime one of the blogs I read has a new post, it pops up on there.  How cool is that?!  Currently I am subscribed to 56 genealogy related blogs.  Anytime I find a new one I enjoy, it just gets added to my list.  Then at my leisure I can browse the taglines of the posts and read when I have the time.  Like at the school waiting to get my kids.

If you have not done this yet, go and do it.   You will love it, I promise!

*Image: Pensiero via photopin cc


  1. Great post! I love Google Reader, too, and use it all the time.

  2. I heard others talk about reading blogs in google reader but didn't do much with it -- until a few months ago. Like you, I suddenly realized that every post was there, and all the posts in every blog were available. And most of them just because I became a follower of a blog! What a great system google devised! Now my only problem is remembering whose blog had some specific post I remember.... (And sometimes I miss the conversations if I don't go to the blog to read the comments.)

  3. Yes, I had that problem too. Then I discovered how to "star" items. There is a star next to each post. If you click it, and turn the star yellow, you can now sort by your starred items. Over on the left hand menu there is a choice "starred items" that is what you click to see them all. :)

  4. I don't know what I did before Google Reader.

    Here's a list of keyboard shortcuts:

    Using the j/k keys to scroll through posts is my favorite.