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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Post up over at Family Tree Firsts

My latest post from FTF is up, and as always I hope you enjoy the read!

Finding the information for my immigrant ancestors was an amazing feeling. My father and his family have been looking for so long.  In fact, he didn't know the names of anyone past his grandparents in that lineage which makes every discovery even better.

When my parents were in Germany his mother and her sister sent him a letter with the town and regional name of where one of the families had immigrated from.  However, it was lost in one of the three moves after that and now the information is lost with them as well.  All he could remember was that is was in the Black Forest area. Fingers crossed that I can continue to track them down!

So far I have found, online and with the help of distant long lost cousins, the following information on my family from Germany:

Balthasar Miller and Maria Anna Wertsher immigrated from Bayern
John Miller married Mary Amelia Dishinger in Dubois County, Indiana (both were immigrants and were the children of immigrants)
John Miller married Mary Theresa Nagley in Dubois County, Indiana (the first generation born here)
Agnes Miller married Timothy Brennan in Daviess County, Indiana
Their oldest daughter Ruth is my grandmother.

Mary Theresa Nagley was the daughter of Hubert Negle and Agatha Reichter from Baden.

I will be putting the FAN investigation principle in full swing.  You know: friends, associates, and neighbors.  These people may just be the key to unlocking even more secrets.

Image from the Library of Congress

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