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Friday, March 2, 2012

New Post at Family Tree Firsts

My next post at FTF Blog is up!  You can go check it out here.

It is a synopsis of the work and classes I took back in January.  I have to say, those classes were well worth it.  Little did I know exactly how much I would learn.  Almost too much information at one point, so I have a feeling I will be revisiting those notes and articles frequently.

I have actually put a few feelers out this past week in regards to locating Mary Jane Hayden's family bible.  Even had an email from a distant cousin who found my old tree over on  She is descended through a daughter of James and Mary Jane Combs, who moved to Illinois in the 1880s.  We are both tracing lines and are looking forward to working together.

*Image: Given to me by Cousin Debby, Mary Jane Hayden and her youngest child, Mary Cordelia, in the mid-1870s. (Cordelia was born in 1871)

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