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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fearless Females: Traits

Do you share any physical resemblance or personality trait with one of your female ancestors? Who? What is it?

Oh this is easy... my mother.  I look like her, and her mother, more than anyone else in the family. Baby pictures get messed up, and my youngest seems to be falling into the trait as well.  Other than that, lets just say I get my over opinionated, stubborn, hard headedness from her.  Actually, I have a double dose of that... but we aren't talking about my dad right now.

This is my parents favorite picture of me.  I was five years old, and was just as much trouble as I looked.  This could be my 5 year old right now, or my mother.


  1. I came across your post on the Geneabloggers Pinterest page and had to smile. It reminded me of my son's first soccer photo. He couldn't figure out how to balance one leg on the ball so we had to come up with a different pose! I guess girls just have more balance!

    1. My boys had a hard time too. I smiled at them a lot as well, and have a lot of pictures of them kneeling or holding a ball.