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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fearless Females: Newspapers

Newsmakers? Did you have a female ancestor who made the news? Why? Was she famous or notorious? Did she appear in the social column?

When my mother was in college she walked on the Indiana University Women's Field Hockey team.  Until she got there she had never played field hockey, let alone held a stick.  The year before was the first time in the state of Indiana that girls had sports at the high school level.  She ran cross country, and played basketball and volleyball.  The only sports offered at her school for girls.

My mom worked hard, and while she didn't have the ball handling skills that many of the ladies from the east coast had, she worked hard and became a starter for the team.  She was even a goalie!  Her senior year she was awarded her jacket for athletics, and you can find her name in Assembly Hall at IU as a distinguished female athlete.


  1. I love newspapers for genealogy research. You can find out so much more than just names and dates. My ancestor made the newspaper in the 1860s when she was only seven or eight years old. She was badly attacked by a dog and it was so bad in made the newspapers.

    Regards, Jim
    Newspaper Genealogy at Hidden Genealogy Nuggets

  2. I just started to delve into the world of newspaper research. So far it has been very rewarding. Thanks for posting that link!