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Friday, March 16, 2012

Fearless Females: Lunch with an ancestor

If you could have lunch (or another meal) with any female family member (living or dead) or any famous female who would it be and why? Where would you go? What would you eat?

I think it would have to be my Grandmother Combs and her sisters: Mary Alice, Margaret, and Helen who is the last one living.  Just so I can hear all the stories about the Irish and German families, their childhood, and what they remember of their grandparents.  Knowing their tastes, we would probably eat what I know as farm food.  Beef roast, potatoes or other root veggies, homemade bread, and fruit pies for dessert.  The way I ate as a child; the food that reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen.

*Image: kendiala via photopin cc


  1. So much is shared around a kitchen or dining room table, good memories made. Maybe you could eat lunch with your living aunt. Your choice of food is one of my absolute favorites.

  2. I have not been able to see my aunt in 8 years. It would be great to see her again. Unfortunatly I do not know when the next time I will be Indiana.