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Monday, March 26, 2012

Fearless Females: Education

What education did your mother receive? Your grandmothers? Great-grandmothers? Note any advanced degrees or special achievements.

My mother has several Bachelors degrees, a Masters degree, and her Medical Doctorate.  She also did her fellowship in hand surgery at Johns Hopkins, and is a board certified hand surgeon.  Mom has been recognized for her teaching ability and contributions to  the field of Sports Medicine and Orthopedics in and outside of the military community and in 2008 she was recognized by the School of Health Physical Education and Recreation at Indiana University with the Williard W. Patty Distinguished Alumni Award.

My father's mother earned a teaching degree from Indiana State University.  She was a school teacher for almost 40 years.  First kindergarten, then 7th grade English, and finally High School English/Drama.  She was very active in the AAUW and her local teacher's union.  She ever was the president of the union at the same time my grandfather was on the school board.  I have been told that there were some very lively family dinners during this time period.

*Image: surroundsound5000 via photopin cc

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