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Thursday, February 2, 2012

RootsTech Live!

I made it home in time this morning to see the Keynote speaker streamed live from RootsTech.  Only draw back... the competing 5 year old, but it was still a very interesting presentation on the future of the genealogical community, and I enjoyed it.  There are several bloggers out there who have already uploaded their impressions (from the front row even!) and I encourage you to go out and read their impressions.   

Remember that there will be live presentations (anything from room 155) from now to the end of the conference.  Just go check out the schedule. Or read Olive Tree Genealogy Blog by Lorine McGinnis Schulze, as she has the times broke out for the live stream. 

Not everything is about genealogy, there is a lot of tech talk to.  After all it is RootsTECH, so there are quite a few sessions dedicated to developers.  Don't fear the changing technology, embrace it!  Now, I am off to go practice this more.

There was a brief moment this morning, looking over the presenters list, that I had a crazy thought. Possibly I could get my husband (the IT person) to go with me next year.  Maybe he would get a kick out of the tech presentations.


  1. Or perhaps you could convince a tech savvy fellow genealogy nut you know.... ;)

    (Yes, after our chat today, I finally read your blogs!)

  2. There is always that, you would be more than welcome!!