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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Last Chance Special FTU Conference

I just got a reminder email that this week is the last chance to register for the early bird price for the Family Tree University Virtual Conference.  Right now it is $50 off through February 13th, and you get a free gift for early registration.  Free stuff and SAVINGS what is there not to be excited about!  

The last time they did this I was unable to participate due to real life circumstances that needed my full attention.  I saw the classes later (no I didn't want to look before and get sad) and crossed my fingers that they would do another one.  I was beyond excited when I heard they were.

Only bad part... no name badges that you can stick all sorts of ribbons onto. Yes I can be a big geek at times, but I like bling.  Oh... I guess I could make my own to wear around the house.  Wow, that cold medicine is really kicking in now.

Just remember: you won't be alone, I am registered for it already.  Can't wait to see how many of you will be participating too. See you online at the conference!

*Image: Mike Licht, via photopin cc

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