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Monday, February 6, 2012

Family history sharing idea

For the last several months my boys have been asking me more and more questions about my childhood.  Those questions have now evolved into asking questions about their grandparents childhoods.  I can answer some of those questions, as they have been told to me at one time or another, but not all of them.  This has lead me to think about ways to extract these stories from my parents and in-laws.  Now how to do it in a creative, non-threatening way, and get the kids involved too?

I am going to make a fill in book for them.

The boys have some very specific questions they are interested in knowing, and I have some things  I would like answered too.  The question is:  do I give them a nice already bound book with a letter, or do I create a book for them with the questions bound inside?  I am hoping to have these put together by the end of the month.

Why the end of the month?  This is my non-traditional version of the Family History Writing Challenge for the month of February.  I don't have enough information / research on our families to write a good narative (in my oppinion) so I looked to creative ways to write something and get my feet wet in the process.  The people who are writing full chapters for books have left me in awe.

Today is day 6 of the challenge.  I have written the introduction, the Title page, and started the list of questions.  In addition to this, I am answering the questions the boys have given me too.  This way there will be a book about me as well.  Next step is to get my husband involved (hi honey!) as that is only fair.

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