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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Taylors of Rhode Island

The Taylor Family is my husband’s paternal grandfathers, mother’s line.

The Lineage:
My Husband
His Father
Howard Bennett married to Stella Coad
George Bennett married Ruby Cindonia Taylor
Benjamin Taylor married Anna C
James J Taylor married Nancy Wilbur
John Taylor married Cindonia Yeaw

I discovered a record from a genealogy book of Rhode Island families that lead me to the last name of Yeaw for the matriarch of this family.

Cindonia Yeaw Taylor was the matriarch of a large family.  She and John had 12 children; they also had a constant houseful of people.  Some of those living in her house at various censuses were her children and grandchildren, but there also appears to be boarders.  Everyone worked in the cotton mills; there are even teenagers on the census listed as working the mills.  Cindonia appears to be taking care of her grandkids so that their parents can go work in the later census.

Cindonia seems to be a family name, and I am hoping it will help trace her family back as well.  The Cindonia’s I have found:

Cindonia Yeaw Taylor
Harriett Cindonia Taylor Whipple
Cindonia Taylor (died infancy)
Ruby Cindonia Taylor Bennett

There is a nice trail of the family starting in 1910 and going back.  I do have census records for 1920 and 1930 for some of the family as well.  Thinking about expanding that search a bit as my father in law said that one of Ruby’s relatives took over the family farm in Coventry.  He thought it was Clarence, but knew the name started with a “C”.  Ruby’s father had a brother Charles, but I am trying to see if her brother or sister may have had kids that fit this description as well.  Benjamin and his mom Nancy (Ruby’s father and grandmother) had farms one house apart on the 1900/1910/1920 census.

Interesting thing on the 1920 Census.  Ruby’s brother Alton and Her husband George appear to have been working at the same place.  George was a screw setter and Alton a mechanic at the Underwood Typewriter factory in Hartford.

According to the 1850 Census John Taylor (husband of Cindonia Yeaw) was born in Rhode Island about 1791, with an occupation of Laborer. He is not on the 1860 census and Cindonia is listed as head of the house and a widow so we know he died sometime between 1850-60. There are tons of John Taylor’s in RI so I am trying to piece who is who still.

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