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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Daniel Chamberlin and Juliette Hubbell

This family group is a mystery to my mother-in-law that has been an ongoing puzzle to work out.  While I think I have figured out most of it…there are still numerous unknown pieces.  Their son William Holmes Chamberlin Mills is my mother in laws paternal grandfather.  He was adopted by the Mills family in Clarendon NY because is parents died of illness (typhoid?).

Below is the transcription of their marriage certificate (I have a photocopy of the original that my mother in law mailed to me):

This certifies, that I have this day, in accordance with the laws of this state united in marriage Daniel B Chamberlin of New York City, and Juliette Hubbell of Rochester, New York.

 Witness my hand
and seal at Lockport
New York, Apr 4, 1857
Joel Kennedy

Jane E Risner
DB Chamberlin
Juliette Chamberlin

I found the whole family on the 1870 Census from Rochester New York: Daniel (50), Juliette (written as Suliette) (39), Ella (12), Frank (8), and Holmes (4).  It gave me a birth date of 1820 for Daniel. This means that they died sometime between the Census of 1870.

The NY State census for Orleans County in 1875 William Holmes Chamberlin listed with his adoptive parents, the Mills:  William Chamberlin (10) living with Marvin (47) and Anna (42) Mills who is listed as a framer. It lists him as adopted.

My big question is who was Ella and what happened to her?  My mother in laws father said Frank lived in San Antonio, but I have not been able to locate him.

This site has the lineage of Daniel B Chamberlin, father to William Holmes Chamberlin Mills.  Between my verification and a cousin on my mother in law’s side providing verification I am pretty confident in the findings and source material cited.

You need to search to Daniel B Chamberlin.  Then click to the right of the bio for a PDF of each person.  Some are brief, some are extensive.  Of course I have not finished doing all of the verification for my self yet.

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