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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

DAR and genetic genealogy one step closer

DAR Library, Washington DC. Photo by Shannon Combs-Bennett

On the Today's DAR blog there was an exciting headline:  "DAR is Expanding its Work with DNA for Genealogical Research" Wow!  I had to read the article through several times before I was able to write this post.  To say that this isn't exciting would be lying.

Go and read the blog post.  It is packed full of so much information that I would not do it justice to list everything here.  The important thing to note is that the DAR and FTDNA are working together again on a DNA project.  Yep, did you test with FTDNA and are a DAR member?  If you said yes then go put your DNA in the project.

Why?  Well currently they are accepting any type of DNA (atDNA, yDNA, or mtDNA) from members or THEIR FAMILY into this group (Surname Project NSDAR).  It is being overseen by staff genealogists at the DAR and they can then use that information to help with hard to prove ancestors.

Better yet, if you have been putting off testing FTDNA has discounted rates for DAR members and their family.  So, as the NSDAR Register General, Sharon Withers, stated today "be a DNA pioneer - join the NSDAR DNA Group!"

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