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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

#MyColorfulAncestry Yes I jumped on the bandwagon

While I was away last week visiting with family the genealgoy world exploded in color.  GeneaSpy J. Paul Hawthorne lead the charge with his campaign to obviously make the internets beautiful with all out ancestral birth places!

In his post from 26 March 2016 "A little Thing that Went Viral" you can read all about the shock (and the awe) that comes with out of no where fame.  Seriously, he is a great guy and it is awesome that this idea has spread.


Well, for me, visual cues like this help me find patterns in information.  Maybe it will help you too.  Or, perhaps it is just a fun little project that you could do with the kids.  Coloring always makes sharing family history wonderful.

So, in the spirit of the adventure.  Below are mine and my husband's charts.  Look how mono-tone mine is!

Shannon's Chart:

The husband's chart:

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