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Friday, March 4, 2016

Indiana Digital Memory Project

Flag map of IndianaWhile I was doing some <gasp> family research last night and I stumbled on this page: Wabash Walley Visions & Voices Digital Memory Project.  It is fantastic, and if you are a Hoosier (or just researching some) this should be a site to check out for images and documents to add to you family histories.

From the website:
A Digital Memory Project is dedicated to the documentation and the preservation of the region's history and heritage in print, pictures, and sound. 
As a collaborative effort involving the libraries, museums, cultural organizations and community groups, the project provides free access to its digital collection via the internet and promotes remembrance and lifelong learning for all Hoosiers. 
Wabash Visions & Voices focuses on the Wabash Valley region in west central Indiana and east central Illinois. The digital collection contains artifacts, administrative and personal papers, manuscripts, photographs, texts, yearbooks, maps, oral histories, and other audio/video files. Genealogical resources are not included.
The list of partners for the project is extensive, and they are actively seeking more.  If you know of an archive, society, college, museum, or another institution that may want to participate in the Digital Memory Project make sure they see this website.

I went there to research about the flood of 1913 that hit the Wabash Valley.  I did find some wonderful images there showing the devastation of the flooding and the impact it had on my ancestors.  Then I started to poke around.

Imagine how happy I was when I found their documentation page.  This is an excellent resource if you have ever thought about putting together a digital archive of your own.  Check it out for resources, forms, and tutorials to get you started.

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