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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Speaking Engagement: Beyond the Brick Wall Roanoke, VA

This Saturday 14 November 2015 from 1-4pm I will be presenting two case studies for the Virginia Room of the Roanoke Public Library at their event Beyond the Brick Wall.

From the Brochure:
The Virginia Room presents five professional genealogists who tackled our patrons’ toughest “brick wall” problems.
Learn how to deal with hard-to-slove family history questions, including:
  • When to hire a professional to assist with a research problem
  • What is a realistic expectation of time and effort required to achieve research goals
  • How a research plan evolves within the process of discovery
  • Where new sources for genealogical research can be found
  • Why an effective research strategy can make the difference

If you are in the area I hope you come by and listen to myself and my colleagues talk about the brick wall cases that were submitted by the community.  It will be a very interesting series of presentations.  I am very curious to see how everyone's brick walls turn out!

I will also have my Richmond and DC books for sale for those that are interested.

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