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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Discovery! is almost as good as Eureka!

For the last year I have been playing around once a month with the MyHeritage website.  I would do more, but OMG this year has been so hectic and way to fast pace. Really, it’s June already?!

Moving on.  One of the features I am growing to love more and more is the instant discovery icon.  While I am not brave enough to merge people straight into my tree from another member’s tree it is a great way to get hints on other lines.  The hints I have found have really been worthwhile, and helped to fill in details I didn’t have.

Oh, and yes, you read that right I don’t (anymore) merge people’s trees into mine.  No matter how good the tree looks I am leery, and cautious. One too many bad apples upset the apple cart you could say.  That, however, is another post.

But back to MyHeritage. 

This discovery feature can be accessed two ways: from your family tree or the main page under discoveries.  Simply click the “Discovery!” icon and it will take you to a series of pages to confirm this is your ancestor.  From there you can choose to add those people into your tree.

The new people are actually marked “new” so if you disagree with anyone added from the merge you can go delete them.  That is my one complaint, I wish there was a way to only add the people you want to from those discoveries into your tree.  From what I read and saw there is no way to do that.  It is all or nothing. 

Lucky for me, I have a more complete tree (remember from earlier posts, I am adding people as I find through the record matches only on this site) on my desktop.  From my home tree I can compare the data before I merge it, but you may not have that ability.  It’s a neat feature, so I encourage you to explore it.  You may love it!  I know I have found it interesting so I encourage you to go and explore a little!

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