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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Attending the APG Virtual PMC, are you?

Today and tomorrow I am sitting in frigid Virginia (it is below zero here with wind chill!) watching the APG Virtual Professional ManagementConference (VPMC).  I am convinced I would be warmer if I was attending in person at Salt Lake City!  However, since I am currently battling being sick (sitting on couch, under the covers with my lap top) the attendees should be thankful that I am not there in person.

This is the first one I have attended and I am looking forward to it greatly.  No, I won’t get to see or participate in everything like I was there in "real life", but for what I can do it’s great.  I am going to learn a lot and I hope that many of you will chat with me about it if you are attending virtually too.  To see my thoughts, go watch mytwitter feed during the live streaming. I am going to do my best to tweet between coughs and such.  We will see how well that goes.

The schedule for the VPMC is as follows:


10:45 - 11:45am MST
Taxes and the Professional Genealogist - James M. Beidler
  1:15 -   2:15pm MST
Finding the Law - Judy Russell
  3:00 -   4:00pm MST
Mind Maps for Genealogy - Ron Arons
  4:15 -   5:15pm MST
DNA and Genealogical Proof - Angie Bush


  8:15 -   9:15am MST
Get Paid for Your Passion: Setting Fees - Elissa Scalise Powell
  9:30 - 10:30am MST
Finding Your Niche: Matching Passion, Professionalism & Pecuniary Interest - James M. Beidler
10:45 - 11:45am MST
How to Have Difficult Conversations with Clients and Colleagues - Christina Grover
  1:15 -   2:15pm MST
Time Management: Successfully Balancing the Demands of Our Many "Clients" - Angela Packer McGhie
  3:00 -   5:15pm MST
Genealogy Professionals Needed: Help Adoptees Discover their Genealogical Roots with DNA (workshop) - CeCe Moore

Like I said, it is a great line-up.  I wonder how well I am going to keep up with notes today.  Someone bring me chicken soup!  Luckily the recordings will be available later so I can review them again if I need to sleep.

On that note, send me healing vibes, let me know your thoughts, and give me a shout out if you are watching from home too.

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