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Thursday, November 6, 2014

DNA testing for everyone!

My Grandfather Arvin and Siblings
This morning I woke up to 28 emails most with the subject “potential cousin DNA match” or something to that effect.  Yes, the results for the 2014 great testing escapade are coming in. 

To be frank not only am I excited but I am bit terrified as well.  There’s a lot of information coming in all at once. My little brain has to get it all organized, sorted, and analyzed.  Quickly too it seems if the emails coming in are any indication.

DNA is DNA no matter who it comes from.  It doesn’t matter that this time I am actually looking at the results of people I grew up knowing.  Well, that just makes it novel and more interesting.  These results are not a name and a result on a page that has really no true meaning to me.  The names staring back at me are cousins, aunts, and uncles faces that I have known my whole life.

Now I get to see which of those little familial traits that we share are really in our DNA too.  Then which of those traits are shared with strangers too.  This morning 5 of those strangers were added to my tree thanks to DNA and paper genealogy.  The others are still pending.  I and the other genealogists are combing through common surnames trying to determine if we can find the link.

The one result I am really looking forward to has not come in yet.  My maternal uncle’s yDNA test.  I really want that one, it’s kind of an obsession.  Mainly since I want to try and put to rest where in the world the surname came from and see who else matches.  My family has had speculations for years on the origin of the name and where we came from but the paper trail goes cold in the mid-1700s in Maryland. 

Alright, back to the grindstone.  So. Many. Numbers!

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