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Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall Family Tree University Virtual Conference Starts Today!

I am very excited to be attending my 6th, yes 6th, Family Tree University Virtual Conference this weekend.  In addition to participating as an attendee I will be leading a chat tomorrow, recorded 2 of the 15 webinars, and will be acting as the super moderator for the forums.  Busy is an understatement!

Once again the line up of presenters and chat leaders is excellent.  Each time the VC is bigger and better than the time before.  Plus, I get to attend in the comfort of my home (or local WiFi spot of my choice) and set the schedule of the conference to my schedule.  Which is such a great thing for me!  No need to pick between 4 lectures I want to attend because I can watch all of them in the order I want when I want.

The forums are open and I have already chatted away with some familiar usernames.  Say hi if you are attending too!  If not this time, maybe next?

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