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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Still here and kicking

Hello again readers! I know, I’m a slacker, and I have missed you too.

Sickness hit our house as well as a lot of deadlines right after NGS.  Needless to say over the past several weeks there were sleepless nights and grumpy people around here.  However, never fear, I am on a writing binge and I actually have several cool posts in the pipeline.  You’re just gonna have to wait a bit more for them.

As a preview though, one of the big projects I am working on is a new website.  It will be unveiled the end of June (fingers crossed) and it will be chocked full of great information.  This blog will still be up for my ever quirky, and of course interesting, posts so don’t worry.  The other is primarily for the launch of my genealogy business.

Yes, business.  Scary thought and all that, but I have worked the last several months to pull it all together.  For those of you who have read this blog since the get-go, and even the new comers, thanks.  I really appreciate all your cheers and support.  Four years ago I would never have imagined that this was a possibility.  It wasn’t even on the table.  When the time is right you just know it in your gut.  Plus, if you don’t try and pursue your dreams you will always wonder what could have been. 

So here is to shooting for the moon.  If I don’t make it…at least I will land in the stars!

"The Earth and Moon," Center: JPL

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