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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Time to shake things up...

Painted by J.C. Leyendecker,
Saturday Evening Post
I am in the process of creating a website for my fledgling genealogy business.  This is just a heads up to my loyal readers (and people who stop by on occasion) that the blog address may be shifting slightly in the near future.  We (my trusty web helper and I) are toying with different platforms and what that does to this site.  I am sure you can understand.

Oh, and the blog is getting a face lift too.  Three years with this look is enough.  It is time for some spring cleaning.  I am sure you can understand that, right?  Embrace the change, even if it hurts.

I am very, very excited about all the possibilities that are coming up and it is killing me to keep them from you. However, what kind of a surprise would it be if I told you everything along the way?!

Trust me, it's going to be great!

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