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Monday, February 17, 2014

Grammerly and writing tools

I use Grammarly's plagiarism checker because next to not citing your sources using unoriginal text just stinks.  Face it, while there is still a lot to say and do in the world of genealogy, a lot of topics have been covered.  At times, the non-living equine has been thumped enough.  Being original can be a real struggle.
If you haven’t checked out Grammerly before you are in for a treat.  I am not a trained writer, well, unless you count being taught how to write lab reports.  In school I did not excel in English class and while I did get a B in technical writing during college I think I slept through all the grammar lessons.  Most of my posts and articles are written from the gut.  The gut doesn't know squat about parts of a sentence or if what you are writing is original. 

When you think you have an original idea, or you have just written that third page on the life of great aunt Edna, sometimes you lift words from other sources and may not even realize it.  We are all taught about citing our sources and how to correctly quote but sometimes things slip.  At times my gut says the words sound great and my eyes might not catch that the reason it sounded great was because I had read it before.  With the plagiarism checker I can be a little more at ease with my writing.

I don’t have a live in editor (wouldn't that be nice?) so I rely on tools like Grammerly to help make my work better.  Check it out!  I don’t think you will be disappointed.  

*This was a sponsored post by Grammerly.  

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