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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Book of me written by you: SNOW!!

Snow storm in 2009.  Taken by me.
Snow.  It’s everywhere right now, so I guess it is time for me to post my thoughts on the fluffy stuff. Well, to be honest, as of this morning it has all melted here in my part of Virginia but it was really pretty while it lasted.  The cold now needs to go too.  Negative wind chill numbers are even keeping the malamute inside.

Growing up in Indiana we had snow most winters, usually starting after Christmas.  As a child I dreamed of white Christmases but had very, very few.  The end of January and into February was when it would really begin to dump snow on my part of the state.  There was more than one spring break that was ruined by cold, wet, snow.

However, it does make me sad that my boys have not had the experiences that I did growing up.  Sledding through deep snow drifts.  Making ramps and jumps for the course.  Snow angels.  Staying out until you were blue and having to strip naked in the hallway as you ran for the hot bath.  They have been sledding only a couple of times, have not even attempted a snow angel, and usually just tromp the slush through the house to their rooms (you want me to take a what?) as I yell at them about dressing appropriately for the weather.

I tried to find pictures of me as a kid playing in the snow, but once again I am left shaking my fist at my family.  Darn you!  Why weren't you shutters bugs like me?!  The pictures I remember of my dad snowshoeing must be at my parents’ house too. Oh well.  No family pictures for you today.

Full-length portrait a man carrying a bundle 
on his back and snowshoes under one arm, 
appearing to walk through a snowy landscape.  
From the Library of Congress.
In the last few weeks many of my friends have been reminiscing about the blizzard of ’77.  Personally, I blizzard of ’78.  Yes, 2 that hit back to back.  It was cold, wet, and as a kid absolutely glorious!  My mom was in school at Indiana University and she used snow shoes to get to class and out of her dorm room.  The drifts were so high they could not use the doors but were walking out the 3rd floor windows.  School closed, they lived out of the main cafeteria for her dorm to stay warm, and all the girls pitched in to make sure there was enough food for everyone since the staff couldn't make it onto campus.  I, however, made snowmen and tunnels to crawl through with my dad since I was too little for school, plus drank gallons of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. 
don’t remember that one too well, but I do remember the

Yeah, it was a lot of fun.  As an adult all I want is my mug of Earl Grey, a warm blanket, a good book, and to curl in front of the fire place.  Isn't it funny how your priorities change?

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