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Monday, November 11, 2013

Book of me written by you: Military service

If you have read my blog for any length of time you should have noticed that every generation had a service member.  Duty, patriotism, and service to the nation has always run through the veins of of my family.  While we may never agree with what the party in power states, or have decided to run for public office ourselves to help make changes, the sense of duty to homeland has never wavered. 

In my research I have found a member of the family involved in every major conflict this nation has participated in.  From the founding of the country (and before) to the current conflicts the Arvin, Combs, and associated families were there.  When I look at my husband’s family, while I don’t know as many of the stories, I do know there were heroes among them as well.

Several generations were too young, or too old to participate, however they served on the home front.  Many of my father's family were considered essential personal here at home during WWI and WWII as they worked for the B&O Railroad.  I did find their draft cards, even though they never left home.  

Today I wanted to present a listing of the ancestors, to date, which I confirmed performed military service to the United States during a major conflict.  Included are persons from my husband’s family line as well.  I did not include the names of living people, which is why I stopped at Korea.

I know this is not a complete list, and it I will continue to add to it as my research continues.  Today, however, I remember those who fought, and many died, for the cause they believed in.  It is because of them I enjoy as many of the freedoms I do.

Revolutionary War
James Cannon, headstone
Daviess Co., Indiana
(photo taken by me)
John Foote (Irishman pressed into service by British)
Edward Arvin
Rodolphus Norris
James Cannon
James Drake
Noah Hayden
William Hayden
John Hayden
Stephen Hayden
Enoch Hayden
Solomon Trower
Samuel Givens
John Wilson
Joseph Cody
Charles Combs's war of 1812
Discharge certificate
(document located at NARA)
Benjamin Chamberlain
Amos Hubbell
Salathiel Nickerson

War of 1812
Charles Combs
Henry Arvin
John Foote (Irishman from above who stayed)

Mexican American War
Harry Coad / Henry Thompson
(photo located at NARA)
David Cody
Button Cody

Civil War
Aaron Combs
Byrd Combs
John Joseph Combs
Silas Combs
Pleasant Combs
Charles Combs Jr.
Button Cody
Harry Coad / Henry Thompson
William Hall
Charles Combs Jr (image given to
me by D. Daniel)
Francis Marion Bline
John Kelley
William Kelley
Lemuel Kelley
James Kelley
Armistead Wildman
William Armstrong
James Armstrong
Robert Armstrong
James Taylor
Phillip Greeley
William Bartlett

John Jeremiah Crabb
(photo owned by N. Garrett)
Spanish American War 
John Jeremiah Crabb
William Crabb

World War I
Valentine Bline

World war II
Charles R. Arvin
Gordon Armstrong
George Bennett

Charles "Charlie" Arvin


Charles Arvin
(photo owned by J. Combs)
My Mother

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