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Monday, July 29, 2013

New DAR member!

DAR Building Washington, D.C. image from the Library of Congress

Well, it happened.  After all the hand wringing, researching, and yelling “WHY!” at the ceiling, my DAR application was accepted.  Whew…

For those who have read the whole saga here on the blog you know that this was a long process.  Sometimes I get overly stubborn, but darn it I was going to prove this line!  A few times I was encouraged to change to a different, easier, ancestor.  No! Darn it all I started with this one I was going to finish this one.  Yes, I get like this a lot; it is part of my endearing nature you know. 

To say this has been a labor of love would put it mildly.  It has been a year and a half in the making.  There were multitudes of phone calls to various libraries, archives, courthouses, cousins, and of course my parents who listened patiently to every single development.  Late nights talking to my husband about new evidence, lack of evidence, possibilities, and frustrations.  Not to mention the hundreds of emails and phone calls to my fellow research friends. 

The hard part was done, and if I want to submit a second patriot right way I have his father, William Hayden, who fought with Virginia.  Too bad it’s not two for the price of one.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?  There should be a father son rule somewhere.

I do have a new quest to prove my mother’s 4th great grandfather.  No one has submitted an application for him, ever.  When I saw that I was so surprised.  I hope with my fingers crossed, that this is very easy; particularly since I have his request for a pension through the Loudon County, Virginia Courts.

Now to get cracking on all that.  I have stuff to read, things to get involved in, and tons more to put on my plate.  Nope, just can’t do anything half way it seems.


  1. Congratulations! I've been through the process and remember all the checking & proving & checking & proving even after all the evidence was assembled. Good for you! And thanks -- I've never seen a picture of the DAR building.

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