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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

IDG Post: Tech review of AboutOne

Many of us have had the duty of going through stacks upon stacks of papers and minutia when a loved one has passed.  The filing cabinets of records, documents, and the flotsam that a person has collected over their life can be a daunting task for those who are left to sort through them.  Worse, is when you have a crisis that calls for an important document which has been conveniently been put away for safe keeping that you can now not locate.  What if there was a program that could help you keep your life, your family, you documents, and your history together in a way that is easy to pass along to the next generation?  Would you jump on it?  I know I have.

AboutOne is an online and mobile application designed to keep you and your family organized all in one place.  As a genealogist I was intrigued by the features that make this an amazing product for keeping a complete and accurate current family history that I could pass on.  Think of it, you can give your descendants a day-to-day view of what your life was like.  It nearly equivalent to finding that elusive family bible or treasured diary we all wish we had access to.


You can read the rest of this article at the IDG Tech Blog!  Hope to see you over there...

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