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Monday, May 13, 2013

What a week... I can't wait for what's coming!

It has been a while since I have been able to sit down and just write about genealogy stuff going on in my life.  So, take this as your warning, this is my blog catch up post for my goal progress and tell all on what is happening in my genealogy life.  There will be information on stuff done, stuff coming up, and stuff I want to do.  You know general things that run around the inside of my head.  Maybe this way my head can settle down and I can get to work.
First off I did my 2 presentations last Saturday and I didn’t faint from fear.  Seriously, this was the second time I have been up in front of genealogy people so it is still knew for me.  Once again my take home message to myslef was: I am much more comfortable teaching in front of large groups than I am simply speaking or performing.  I call that a win.  Also, I am sure other presenters can relate, but after giving the lecture to a flesh and blood crowd I did see where I need to do modifications on both for the future.  I loved the feedback I got, and I am very happy that most walked away with something useful from the two sessions. 

Last week I signed up for an online course through Coursera on genetics.  It has been 14 years since I have had a class in genetics and reading articles just doesn't really keep you up to date on all the new advances.  Plus, it was free.  How can you pass up free? Well, I should say that while it is free there is an option called Signature track which is a paid version and they will verify your results for employers and other institutions.  For this course it was about $40. 

The course is geared to people who want to learn the basics of genetics as well as how it can be useful in the world around us.  They do assume you have basic biology principles under your belt, which I think several of the students were surprised by during the first sets of lectures and practice problems.  Today I find out my first grade… I am a bit anxious to see what I got because if I have an overall course grade of 85% or more I get a certificate of completion through the University offering the course.  In this case the University of British Columbia.

If you have not checked out Coursera classes I would recommend it.  There are several class offerings out there that I think many of you may get something out of.  Today there is a course starting on being an effective writer for instance.

My other new life development is that I am getting ready to be employed again.  I have called for information to become a substitute teacher in my local school district.  Yes, my genealogy habit has grown so large that my husband suggested I get a job.  Okay, it didn’t quite go down like that, but there was a suggestion that if I really wanted to do the Boston University session this fall I should look at bringing in some extra income.  Can’t say I blame him.  Up to now it has been a few dollars here or a book there. Not a couple thousand dollars at one go.  This truly shows my dedication.  After 13 years of being a stay at home mom I am looking at being, at least part time, employed.  Sigh…this will be an adventure.

In other news, my DAR paperwork has gone in.  Whew, one goal on my yearly check list taken care off.  Two weeks ago I received a package with deeds and marriage contracts (I can’t really call them certificates) from Mercer County, Kentucky.  They hopefully, fingers crossed, will help with that final proof hurdle since I can’t access the only other file in their collection for this specific line.  There should be a couple posts coming up talking about those.  I know there are some cousins out there who are also interested in the Hayden Line.

Alright, I think that is all I needed to catch-up on.  Back to writing my next blog and column articles for the IDG (you are reading the magazine right?) and getting my act together for other projects.  Need another research goal…finish the GSMD now?


  1. Yes, I read IDG! And I enjoy your writing there.

    You have quite a lot going on in your life, and I am impressed. The 2 presentations are a real accomplishment, and they are good preparation for substitute teaching. What age will your students be? My career has been college teaching, and I've always had some anxiety before each class. But through the years it's grown almost fun -- I use it to "galvanize" myself.

    That course in genetics sounds like a lot of fun. I share your interest. If I do get to FGS in August (hoping), I'd like to hear the presentations on genetics. Sounds full of exciting complications.

    1. Thanks. I am putting in for the elementary school sub position. With two kids at two different school I decide to do what was easiest on the bus schedule. However, they have an opening for middle school science and high school chemistry opening up (theoretically). HR talked to me about getting a provisional license and doing that. Not so sure about it though.

      If the moon and stars align I will be at FGS and would be more than happy to talk to you about genetics. I can go on and on...

      Week 2 of my course is going better than week 1, but that is because I dug out of storage my old textbooks from college. All the basic information is still the same, and no matter how hard I try to become "digital" I still like to read and study a real book. I am a very tactile learner and reading on a computer or iPad for enjoyment is okay, but not if I am actually studying. I need to touch it, write it, draw it, and see it.