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Friday, May 31, 2013

Hayden Records from Mercer County Kentucky: Part 3

As promised here is the time line I have written out thus far for my confusing who-belongs-to-who puzzle concerning the Hayden family.  To fill in the gaps refer back to part 1part 2, or any Hayden tags on this blog.  Also, unless otherwise noted, all these events took place in Mercer County, Kentucky

1.       Noah Hayden Born 1755 Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, New Jersey to his parents William Hayden and Lydia Kierstede
2.       Noah Hayden and Mary (Elliott?) married about 1780 (possibly Randolph County, VA)
3.       John Elliott Haden possible son of Noah and Mary born and possibly died in childhood, most likely in the 1780-1790 time frame (oblique references to him but I can’t find firm records)
4.       Nancy Hayden born to Noah and Mary about 1783
5.       24 May 1787 Enoch Hayden, Noah’s twin brother, gives him part of his bounty lands which he then gives on the same day to Elizabeth Gilpin
6.       16 June 1788 Noah hires Elizabeth Gilpin to care for his 2 children and house
7.       Mary’s death dates range from 1788-1804, no clear evidence yet on when she died
8.       Permelia Hayden born to Noah and (?) about 1795
9.       Elizabeth Hayden born to Noah and (?) about 1796
10.   Noah Gilpin Hayden born to Noah and Elizabeth between 1798-1801
11.   15 April 1803 Receipt of land, property, and £237, 5 shillings from Noah to Elizabeth
12.   15 April 1803 Description of land and property given by Noah to Elizabeth for her work
13.   2 May 1803 receipt of £25 cash from Noah to Elizabeth
14.   12 Dec 1803 “article of agreement with the assignment” acknowledged by Noah
15.   12 Dec 1803 acknowledgement of a bond and receipts from Noah to Elizabeth
16.   Sarah Ann (Sally) Hayden born to Noah and Elizabeth 1804
17.   Noah Hayden and Elizabeth Gilpin married in Mercer County, Kentucky 23 May 1804
18.   James Hayden born to Noah and Elizabeth 1806
19.   John W. Hayden born to Noah and Elizabeth 1806
20.   Lemuel Hayden born to Noah and Elizabeth 1808
21.   Melinda Hayden born to Noah and Elizabeth 1809
22.   18 May 1824 Elizabeth deeds land to Noah G. Hayden
23.   Noah Hayden Died about 1825 Mercer County, Kentucky
24.   18 (?) 1829 Elizabeth deeds land to Noah G. Hayden
25.   Elizabeth Gilpin Hayden probate recorded for her death February 1835

From this I see I need to nail down a firmer death date for Mary, Noah’s first wife.  While it may not help with paternity (they could each have had children with Noah at the same time) it will help make the waters a bit less murky.  I would also like to find out more about the possible son John Elliott.

Of course, we may never really know what in the world was going on here, but my-oh-my do I love a good scandal!  Have any ideas for other things that I should look into?  Let me know.


  1. There could possibly be some story there. I wonder if you'll ever be able to get at the real truth of it.

    I find the marriage date of Noah and Elizabeth interesting. If Mary did live until 1804 was he really keeping both women? Or was it a case of a long debilitating decline on Mary's part and so he looked for "companionship" elsewhere?

    I am fairly convinced that the reason why the records were sealed at the DAR was due to some sort of shame on the member's part. And yet given the lack of access to legal facilities on the frontier there were a lot of "irregular" births and marriages. We really shouldn't judge our ancestors actions and ethics and morals by the lens of our own time. After all, they are human, just as we are, and prone to all the same failures and accomplishments.

    1. From the Hayden Family Magazine, and a couple of "softer" sources, there seems to be a family story passed on that Mary was bed ridden the last few years(?) of her life. It appears to happen after the birth of her second child, hence the reason for hiring Elizabeth.

      These same sources give death dates of 1788, 1796, and 1804. Part of me wonders if the last was wishful thinking on relatives part to hide any improprieties. Or they simply knew he married Elizabeth then, and therefore why would he be with another woman when his wife was alive? The middle dates would mean the children before Noah were hers. The earliest date would only be the first 2.

      I agree with you that this may have been the reason the records were sealed. It doesn't matter to me, as I too feel we cannot judge our ancestors in that manner. They had faults and good parts just like us.

      Besides, without a bit of mystery and intrigue the world would be very boring!

  2. I count ten children by two wives . . . ? You have laid out this plot as clearly as it can be done so far. The story of Mary's sickness and death seems key. Was it too simple for any records to mention, or was there some intrigue going on? (I can't help but think about intrigue . . . I've seen too many mysteries, I guess.) Noah Sr. seems to have made a transition from one woman to another, and he tries to signal propriety, maybe, by the documents about Elizabeth. Hope you can find more! Excellent work, and very suspenseful!

    1. Yeah, I am trying not to assume the worst here, but it is a very interesting puzzle. It keep creeping back into my head, may be one day I will figure it out and not have to use a time machine to do it!

  3. I love your little graphic here !

    1. Thanks! I just fell in love with her too.