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Thursday, March 21, 2013

RootsTech from home

The one problem with a weeklong vacation is getting back into the grove again.  Where I should be doing household chores and genealogy all I want to do is sit on the couch and sleep.  Yep.  Once again I need a vacation from my vacation.

Today my couch sitting needs will be meet while I watch the live stream session from RootsTech.  I am bummed that I was unable to make the trip this year, but here is hoping for next year!  Instead I will sit here in Virginia, where it snowed again last night, and do my vacation laundry while listening to some of the best in the field talk about my favorite subject.

What’s on the agenda?  Well the schedule for live streaming sessions is up on the RootsTech website.  You can also download the syllabus for classes to read.  I even downloaded the app so I can take the conference with me.  I may have to run errands so listening to the sessions from my smartphone is an option.  Oh, and don’t forget about twitter.  Make sure you look for #RootsTech to keep track of what is going on, thoughts from fellow genealogists, and to be a part of the community here at home and there in Salt Lake City.

Want some more insight on last minute prep for the next three days?  Check out these tips from the Armchair Genealogist.

Now… back to laundry…

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  1. This was from Marianne, I pressed the wrong button on my phone and deleted it. Sorry, I goofed!

    I sympathize. I'm bummed out, too, here in CT, but isn't the new livestreaming tech grand? And thanks for the syllabus download! I didn't have that yet. This is all such a preview of the future. Think how much closer technology has brought us in the last ten years, and think of the next ten.

    I'm expecting StarTrek transporters any day now. Then we can be in Nevada and doing our laundry at the same time . . . .