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Thursday, February 21, 2013

DAR Application Woes: My Hayden line is driving me crazy!

Many of you know that I have been plugging along on my DAR application on my Hayden family line for a little more than a year.  (This is the same family I am applying with for the GSMD.)  Silly me to think that it would be quick, simple, or easy.  Silly me to think that anything in my life could ever be quick, simple, or easy.  Thus, let Murphy step into the picture, just to say to me “You silly girl.”

A few weeks ago I found out that the patriot I am pursuing, whom is on file with the DAR and that I could dovetail into, is a closed file.  Yes, a closed file. What is that you ask?  It seems that for a short period of time starting in the 1960s a member could request that their application file, and all the paperwork in it, be closed.  No one after that could have access to any part of it except the staff at the library.  The staff can read it but not give out any information contained within.  No big deal right? Yeah, well, it throws a big wrench into everything for me.  Particularly when you hear that the information in it could help.  Insert heavy sigh here.

I now have a weak link that I am trying to prove, and I am told that this information is in the file, you know the file I can't see.  This is the way my life goes in a majority of the things I do.  However, having to scrape and fight for something just builds character.  At least that is what I have told myself for 30+ years.

My weak link is in proving (beyond a doubt with documentation) that the parents of Noah Gilpin Hayden are Noah Hayden and Elizabeth Gilpin.  As a form of brainstorming, and a not very well masked plea for help, I am putting out here what I have so far.  Everything I have, which I am beginning to realize really isn't that much.

First off:  the line (the way I know it)
Noah Hayden (Patriot) married second Elizabeth Gilpin
Noah Gilpin Hayden married Unity Patterson
Mary Jane Hayden married James Combs

Tying the first 2 couples, the weak link, is what I have to do.  All the couples from Noah G. and Unity forward are proven through records satisfactorily, but I included their daughter Mary Jane as there is information in her generation which helps the prior one.  I also know that Noah’s father William Hayden, who is also in the DAR database, had a son named Noah but I need to prove that my Noah is his Noah. 

All of which is approved for the GSMD, however, different lineage societies require different things.  Thus I can not use one as proof for the other.

Alright: the sources, information, and documentation:
Here is the proof paperwork that I have.  Of course, as I already stated, once I see it all written down I am beginning to see the gaping holes.  Again the reason everyone needs to do things like this for their research.

I.          Mary Jane Hayden and James Combs

  • Marriage record from Orange County Indiana 23 Feb 1845
  • Both listed in her father’s will (Mary Jane Combs formerly Hayden and her Husband James Combs)
  • Mary Jane Birth/Death:  No death records from the time frame for this county according to the county clerk. Headstone picture from Willow Springs, Howell County, Missouri born 12 Sept 1827, died 16 Jul 1888, know she moved there with several of her children in the mid 1880s.
  • James Birth/Death: No records for either just suggestion of birth in Surry County, North Carolina where his family lived and death in Wabash County, Illinois through family lore.
  • 1840 Census for Monroe County, Indiana page unidentified for Charles Combs shows a possible James
  • 1840 Census for Mercer County, Kentucky page 211 for Noah Hayden shows a possible Mary Jane
  • 1850 Census for Franklin, Orange County, Indiana page 107B; information for Mary Jane: age 23, born KY; information for James: age 27, born NC
  • 1860 Census for Center, Greene County, Indiana, page 672; information for Mary Jane: age 29, born KY; information for James: age 39, born NC
  • 1870 Census for Center, Greene County, Indiana page 285B; information for Mary Jane: age 43, born KY; information for James: age 49, born in NC
  • 1880 Census for Columbia, Dubois County, Indiana page 4C Enumeration District 158; information for Mary Jane: age 53, wife, born KY, father born KY, mother born VA; information for James: age 59, born NC, father born NC, mother born NC

II.         Noah Gilpin Hayden and Unity Patterson

  • Marriage listed in the Marriage registry 12 Dec 1822 for Mercer County, Kentucky (image available on  Family Search) 
  • Marriage Bond for 10 Dec 1822 for Noah G. Hayden and Unity Patterson signed by Noah G. Hayden and William Patterson for Mercer County, Kentucky (image available on  Family Search)
  • Noah Gilpin Hayden Birth /Death: Tombstone with known wrong information in Trimble Cemetery near Bromer, Orange County, Indiana.  States he was born 1 Jan 1811 and died 28 Aug 184 (2 or 7) Probate Record from the Indiana State Archive.  Need to contact them for full source information as I cannot make out the date.  I think it says 24 November 184(4 or 7) from Orange County, Indiana
  • Unity Patterson Birth/Death: Tombstone Emanuel Hatfield Pioneer Cemetery Owensburg, Greene County, Indiana.  Born 19 Sept 1802, died 12 Apr 1870 dates seem correct based on family lore.  No death records from the time in Greene County Indiana according to clerk
  • 1820 Census for William Patterson in Mercer County, Kentucky page 105 shows the possible parents of Unity with a child her age
  • 1830 Census for Noah Hayden in Perryville, Mercer County, Kentucky page 359 shows the correct family unit with one slave
  • 1850 Census for Indian Creek, Monroe County, Indiana page 344B;  information for Unity: age 49, birth VA

   III.                    Noah Hayden and Elizabeth Gilpin

  • Marriage Bond for 23 May 1804 for Noah Hayden and Elizabeth Gilpin signed by Noah Hayden and William Wilham (image available on  Family Search)
  • Marriage Register for Mercer County, Kentucky 11 Jun 1804 (image available on Family Search)
  • Noah Hayden Birth/Death: Baptism record for him and 3 of his brother on 31 Oct 1756 Shrewsbury, Morris County, New Jersey Christ Church Parish Record (Google Book
  • Elizabeth Gilpin Birth/Death: Will on file in Mercer County, Kentucky signed 26 Sept 1825.  A son named Noah is listed in the will, as is a William Patterson.  All known children are listed in the will as well.

Clues and other sources:
In a magazine that was published from 1929-1933, The HaydenFamily Chroniclesthere is quite a bit of information on this line of the family.  All editions are online and can be read there too.  A few interesting facts that I think I need to follow up on, as they are clues to where Noah was during his lifetime, can be found on these pages.  I have listed a few of the passages below:

Volume 2, Issue 1, Page 17

Volume 4, Issue 2, Page 92

I also have access to another genealogical book (thank you mom and dad) titled Genealogical History of Our Ancestors by Rutherford.  We have a common ancestor, Noah’s parents William Hayden and Lydia Kierstede.  Volume 2, of the 2 volume set, contains the descendant’s listings for all the families.  Not a lot of new information, a listing of children and spouses, and known birth/death dates.  Noah is entry 215 on page 231 is you have access to a copy and is shown below.   It has no death date listed but a possible death place of Mercer County, Kentucky.

Next  Steps?
Okay, I think I know what I need to do now.  The checklist I have put together for myself is listed below.  I really hope it doesn't take me another year though.  If you have suggestions or advice...I am all ears.

  • Talk to the GSMD, they have this line proved, maybe they can help
  • Confirm birth of Elizabeth Gilpin
  • Confirm the birth of Noah Gilpin Hayden in Kentucky
  • Confirm birth of Unity Patterson in Virginia
  • Confirm will date with Indiana State Archives for Noah Gilpin Hayden probate
  • Find death, if possible, for Noah Hayden
  • Find record of supposed deed transfer from Enoch to Noah, maybe it will give more clues
  • Find any mention of him in the records from Randolph County, VA (now West Virginia)
  • The reason he fought for Pennsylvania (he was from New Jersey and his father enlisted in  Virginia) may help
  • On the 1830 NG Hayden Census there is a slave listed, perhaps I can find references looking in these records for slave transactions

Last resort...I throw in the towel and tackle one of my dozen plus other eligible, and recognized,  patriots.  While it would still take time, and not something I want to do, it is always an option if I can't get this link fixed.

Fingers crossed!


  1. Feel your pain. Not as interested in joining DAR as in proving the links. Am stuck a couple of generations short of supposed RW ancestor; clues but no proof. Add to that the Patriot is a file that can't be used because someone corrupted the data in an application years ago by submitting mixed data from two similarly named families from the area.
    Sheila C

    1. Well that stinks! Good luck in your quest. I am treating this like all my other brick wall problem ancestors. One day at time - chipping away - one day at a time.