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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Family History Writing Projects

Tomorrow begins the Family History Writing Challenge, and boy I am ready to get this show started.  I have thought, considered, discussed, reconsidered, and finally decided on what my month long project will be.  Actually, it will be 2 projects.  Yep, the over achiever has struck again.

Project 1: Heirloom Histories
I have a lot of items in my house that are not valuable to anyone outside of the family.  Items that include treasured bits of paper, figurines, costume jewelry, and books just to name a few.  However, each has a story and I want to make sure that I am able to write those down before they are lost to the winds. With any luck this will be a project that I can continue building on for a long time to come.

Project 2: Family Cookbook
This is a project that I have been organizing through my mom’s Arvin/Armstrong family for the past few months.  It all started last fall when I went hunting for a recipe for a dish my grandmother used to make.  I couldn’t find it, but luckily my dad found his copy.  You can read the story at my post Family Notes and Good Food. That was the catalyst I needed to get me seriously thinking about a cookbook of family recipes.  I wanted to get them all written down so the next generations can have them too.

Over the next month I will sit down and write a story and/or format a page of the cookbook each day.  My goal is 250 words minimum each day for the story or a recipe completely formatted.  Of course I will share my experiences with you all along the way.  Posting will keep me honest and on track as I complete my daily goals. It is my intention to do a week in review post on Monday mornings that will give you my progress updates, frustrations, how it is all going in general, plus my favorite story that I wrote week before.  You know that I can’t resist telling a good story after all.  If I have more than one story to share I will post them over that next week while I am writing my next set.

Okay, I have a plan…now off to make it happen!


  1. Replies
    1. We have to stick together don't you know!

  2. Those are great ideas to work on for the challenge, Shannon!

    1. Thanks! I wanted to write but I don't think I am ready to write bios on ancestors. Might as well start with what I know and then go from there.

  3. You have inspired me! I have gotten a notebook and a list of questions and am trying to write a page a day. - char