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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Week 51 of Abundant Genealogy

Week 51: States and Provinces. What is your favorite state or province for genealogical research? Who is most generous with their records? How has this helped your family history research? Share with others your tips and tricks for researching in this location.

I have to admit my family’s move to Virginia put us in an excellent place to do research for family history.  Living in here within driving distance to The National Archives, The Library of Congress, The National Genealogical Society, The Daughters of the American Revolution Headquarters, and so many other historical and genealogical significant places means that there is never an excuse not to do research.  You can read about my discoveries in past posts on this blog.

Once you are in town you can spend every waking moment in research endeavors.  I have found the archivists, volunteers, librarians, and staff at these locations very helpful and friendly.  There isn’t a problem they won’t tackle and you can ask questions of them until you are blue in the face.  However, coming with a research plan and a goal in mind will make your visits more productive and worthwhile.  But, I am sure you all know that!  

My advice to you is that you need to think about what and how you pack.  Most of these institutions will not allow bags of any type into the research rooms.  This means you will need to store your belongings in lockers and carry your equipment into the research rooms and this can effect what you take. A little thought will need to be put into it to keep you happy and sane.  For instance loose papers are discouraged in the reading room at NARA.  In this case having your notes on a laptop or tablet would be most beneficial. 

Here’s to happy ancestor hunting in the Nation’s Capital!
photo credit: Klara Kim via photopin cc

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