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Friday, November 9, 2012

Week 45 of Abundant Genealogy

Week 45: Genealogy Speakers. Which genealogy speaker has left the biggest impression on you? What is it about that speaker that you like the most? What is his or her general focus? Does this person speak at regional or national conferences? Share why other genealogists should attend this speaker’s sessions.
You all know by now that I don’t get out much so I have limited scope on this subject.  However, I have seen one person speak twice in person, Claire Bettag.  Last spring I heard her give a presentation on Federal Land Records at the NARA Genealogy Fair then a few weeks ago at the Fairfax County Genealogy Society Fall Fair I heard her speak again.  She is an amazing speaker, very knowledgeable, and very fun.  This time I learned a lot about the Land Bounty Records, the manuscript collection at the Library of Congress, and the Congressional Serial Set.   She speaks on a reagional as well as a national basis, and will be an instructor at Samford this coming year
If you have a chance to see her I highly suggest you do.  You will come away with a lot of information, leads to follow up on, and insight into things you may not have known about.  I came home from the fall fair and found several ancestors in the Congressional Serial Set.  Most amazing was the information I found about my husband’s ancestor Salathiel Nickerson.  Particularly, the private claim for a Revolutionary War Bounty on a schooner named "Nine Sisters".  Now, to learn more about that vessel and how someone could get a bounty for a ship.
Wonder what else I will be able to find?
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  1. Shannon, Thank you for this name, Claire Bettag. I totally empathize, in that I don't get out much either, but I hope that can change in time. A good speaker is inspiring in a way that no books can be -- the experience stays with you. Dau visited for 3 days so I'm reading posts backwards 2day. See that heraldry is your next-to-last post, an exciting subject.

  2. Hope you get to hear her someday. I learned a lot! However, I think most speakers in this field could teach me something too.