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Monday, October 29, 2012

Week 44 of abundant genealogy

Week 44: Genealogy Conferences. What was your bestgenealogy conference experience? Why is it so memorable in your mind? Whohosted the event? What did you learn from this experience? How does it impactyour genealogy research today?

I have yet to attend a full blown national genealogyconvention.  To date I have attended the FamilyTree University Virtual Conference, the NARA Genealogy Fair and this pastweekend the Fairfax Genealogical Society Fall Fair.  Not sure how those would compare to anational level conference, but here is what I think.

Out of the three I would say that I loved going to theNARA Fair most.  Biggest reason:  it was at the National Archives!  How could you not love that?  I attended with 2 friends and it was a great experienceto a novice genealogist.  The booths wereamazing and very informative.  There werelectures by staff and guests who really gave you insights into what you couldget out of the archives. 

My research has only improved by what I learned and experiencedthere.  I am not afraid of the archivesand love to explore the databases, stacks, microfilm, and other materials.  In between sessions that day we explored theirresearch library and I was amazed at what I could find there.  I could spend days in there!

Yep, I am looking forward to the next one.  Fingers crossed that I can make it! 

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