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Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's like Christmas, the easter bunny, and my birthday all rolled up into one!

Yes, that has been my house this week.  I have finally mastered the art of calling/writing to county court houses and archives across the county. My gumption to finally do so, and swallow my nerves, has paid off. Letters started to arrive on Tuesday and it has been amazing.

Not all of them have been good.  Some are letters informing me that no records were found, but others have been full of goodies.  Best of all was the envelope from my aunt.  It had newspaper clippings, photocopies of two letters, and a journal entry written in the early 1900s.

The journal entry was from my 2nd great grandfather William Brennan, and was him writing his own life story up to 1880.  I only have the one page, and now I wonder where the rest of it is!  There is a letter written by an aunt I am unfamiliar with telling the story of the Duley family.  William Brennan's wife was Mary Frances Bline, her mother was Sarah Elizabeth Duley.  The last letter was an account of Sarah Elizabeth Duley Bline's sisters coming to visit in 1901.  nearly 10 pages of accounts about life around the town , who they ate with, where they stayed, what they did each day, and so forth. 

Typing of said documents will commence soon....

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