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Monday, August 13, 2012

Finds in the 1940 Census: the next family tree firsts post!

Pittard siblings photoMy next post at Family Tree Firsts is up, and you can read it here.

It was been a real hoot at times reading through all the answers on the 1940 US Census concerning my family.  To see where they were living, what they were doing, and who was in their community.  I knew many of the people who are listed, which makes it even that much more... awesome.

Unfortunately, it also  makes me miss those that I have lost that much more.  What I wouldn't give to talk to them about this census.  All those questions about who their neighbors were, what it was like then, and so much more. 

It is killing me that I have to wait 20 years to do this and see my mom.  20 years after that I and my husband will be in the Census results.  30 years after that my kids.  Wow... I guess I better start passing the torch now.  I would be over 100 to see my kids.  Possible, yes.  Likely, not so much.

Back of the image shown above
The family in the picture is my mother-in-laws grandmother and her siblings.  Elizabeth Pittard Mills is the oldest, and picture in the middle with the black dress and white collar.  She was born in Martock, Sommerset, England, on the border of Wales.  she grew up in Llwynypia, Glamorgan, Wales where her father worked in the coal mines. In 1882 she immigrated to the US with her father, step-mother (who was also her aunt), full sister, and 2 half siblings.  The rest of the 10 children were born in New York. 

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